xmartO Technology is the pioneer of long range WiFi security camera systems. We have over 12-year experiences in home security cameras R&D, manufacturing and distribution.

xmartO's product philosophy is 'proper budget for best possible products'.

In 2015, xmartO introduces the 1st long range WiFi camera system. The 1st generation xmartO WiFi camera system enables customers to mount their cameras 300m away from the NVR without running cables.

In 2015 - 2017, xmartO's series WOS1344 & WOS1388 becomes and stay as best sellers in North America segment market.

In 2017, xmartO introduced its 'xmartO Dream Liner' WiFi Relay technology along with its 2nd generation WiFi camera systems. The feature enables customers to set a closer camera as a WiFi repeater for a further camera. That way, customers can double or even triple the WiFi range of cameras. With the xmartO Dream Liner WiFi Relay, on an open gound xmartO's test team brought 4 cameras 800m (2600ft) away from the NVR and they worked well. The WiFi Relay feature was pushed to customers via firmware updates at absolutely 0 charge.

In 2020, xmartO introduced the 3rd generation (G3) WiFi security camera systems. The G3 WiFi camera system comes with'xmartO Auto Dreamliner WiFi Relay technology'. The new technology automated the WiFi Relay settings. Cameras automatically set close-by cameras as WiFi repeaters to boost the WiFi range.

xmartO strives to provide customers with most possibilities at no extra cost. With xmartO's continuous researching and developing, most new features are completely free with firmwares & Apps updates.

xmartO never stops to bring new products to the markets, and does the best to ensure the compatibility with earlier models. xmartO customers can easily pair a 2021 new WiFi PTZ camera to their 2015 xmartO NVRs, or a 2021 battery-powered camera to their 2016 NVRs. The vast compatibility makes xmartO products easy to maintain even after 6-year day & night outdoor running.

The 'xmartO product eco-system' brings xmartO customers huge conveniences and peace of mind. Like the letter O, to us it's an endless loop to make the existed products better, and to create better new products that helps to secure your daily lives.