【WiFi 6】 XMARTO WiFi 6 Long Range Wire-Free Solar Home Security Camera System Wireless, 4-Set 4MP QHD CCTV Camera Kit with 4K 10CH Expandable WiFi NVR and 1TB HDD Storage


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Easy Installation, 100% Wire-free

The solar-powered cameras stream videos to the NVR through the NVR's own WiFi, and get power from long-lasting rechargeable batteries and reliable All-Weather-Charge solar panels.

Installing the cameras only need you to fix them somewhere, and that's all.

It's easy to DIY for everyone.

Easy Mobile Access, No Monthly Fee

Follow the on-screen guide to connect the NVR to your home WiFi, install the free App. The App will find the NVR and with a few simple taps, you are ready to view all the cameras from anywhere anytime.

Permanently free Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC.

4K 10-channel WiFi NVR

The latest WNQ810 NVR is top-notch with 4K resolution and manages up to 10 cameras, 10 of any XMARTO cameras. You have 6 extra spaces for more cameras in future.

With the NVR, view up to 10 cameras simultaneously on a monitor, a TV, a smartphone or a tablet.

The NVR records videos of past months.

Thermal Human & Heat Detection, Siren Alarm

With professional PIR thermal sensors, the cameras detect people, animals and vehicles, and send you real-time App messages with snapshots & videos.

One tap to sound a siren alarm to ward unwanted visitors off without the necessity of confrontation.

Everlasting Non-stop Solar Power

You only need to fully charge the cameras' batteries once.

The solar panels replenish power to the cameras no matter it's sunny, rainy or snowy days, to keep the camera working with non-stop green solar power.

Long Range WiFi Cameras

You can install the cameras anywhere since no cable needed. But how far you can mount them?

In line of sight, the cameras work at a distance of up to 1300ft from the NVR.

With walls and WiFi interference reducing the WiFi distance, you can still mount the cameras a few hundreds feet away.

1TB Hard Drive Storage

The preinstalled 1TB hard drive saves motion-triggered videos of past years.

It costs you a coffee per month to save a camera's videos to Cloud* if you would like to.

The Cloud storage is per camera and not mandatory.

Yes but not by default. All solar-powered security cameras record on motion detection. You can plug the cameras to power with 5V DC phone chargers, switch to "Continuous Recording Mode" to make them work 24/7. It affects the battery longevity though.
Please fully charge the cameras and mount them with solar panels. The solar panels replenish the power everyday they consume. Yes this will last and you don't need to take cameras down to recharge.
Since the cameras and NVR records only motion-triggered videos, the 1TB hard drive can keep videos of past years. If you set a certain camera to record continuously, the NVR will loop records videos of past months.
No extra cost nor subscription. You will need to use a TV or a monitor for initial setup.After the setup the screen can be unplugged and you can view from smartphones or tablets. There is optional Cloud storage in the App if you want a Cloud backup.
No power charger included. Please use 5V 1A or 2A phone chargers to fully recharge the cameras overnight when you receive them. Please use common chargers. Super chargers with more than 10W may not charge the cameras well.