xmartO RPT20 WiFi Security Camera Repeater/Range Extender

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xmartO RPT20 Wi-Fi Security Cameras Wi-Fi Extender/ Wi-Fi Repeater

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A Physical Camera WiFi Repeater to Enhance xmartO Dream Liner WiFi Relay Technology


  • In 2015 xmartO released its first 1000ft long range WiFi camera system, a tremendous break-through on 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi devices' coverage.


Yet cameras' Wi-Fi performance is still noticably affected by obstacles, mainly walls especially metal walls.


  • To improve Wi-Fi coverage range of xmartO WiFi cameras, in Q3 of 2017 xmartO announced its Dream Liner WiFi Relay Technology, which allows users to set closer cameras as WiFi repeaters for further cameras. That helps a lot of customers with the camera installations.


It is very helpful but it needs some tech-knowledge to plan camera's relay routes and do the settings.


  • In Q2 of 2020, xmartO reveals the G3 (generation 3) WiFi camera systems with Auto WiFi Relay Technology. Cameras search nearby cameras automatically and relay back to its NVR (network video recoder, the base unit). No more manual settings required.



Well, if all this is not enough, here is an Auto WiFi repeater/ extender to help your installation further.

This RPT20 camera WiFi repeater helps you to bridge cameras to the NVR if their WiFi signal is insufficient.


  • With G3¹ WiFi camera systems, you only need to pair this repeater to the NVR and place it between cameras and NVR. The cameras will connect to it automatically and stream to the NVR.


G3¹: xmartO WiFi camera system with NVR version 3.0.7+, camera version 3.2+.

Tips: the auto searching & connecting will take some time. A camera will seek to connect to the repeater only when its connection to the NVR is too weak to sustain. Please plan your cameras, NVR and the repeater's location reasonably and then be patient to let them auto relay to form working connections.

About Using The Repeater

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How to use the Auto WiFi Relay

  • This repeater is only needed when a certain camera cannot connect to the NVR on itself; and the camera cannot be relocated to gain better connection. Still, if you are able to change the camera or the NVR's location a bit to get better connection, do it and avoid this repeater.


Step 1 - Pair the repeater to NVR

Bring the repeater close to the NVR, hold sync button for 10 seconds, repeater pairs to the NVR. When it's done, the 'NVR' LED stays on. (this is the basic step needed no matter what your system version is)

Step 2 for G3 xmartO camera systems (NVR version 3.0.7+, camera version 3.2+)

Place it for Auto WiFi Relay - if your system is G3 (NVR version 3.0.7+, camera version 3.2+), you simply bring this repeater and plug it somewhere in the route NVR to cameras. Within seconds it connects to NVR with 'NVR' LED stays on; within dozens of minutes it detects connection status of close-by cameras; then connects to weak-signal cameras and relay back to the NVR. If cameras have acceptable connections to the NVR itself, it will not change the connection status.

Step 2 for G2 xmartO camera systems (NVR version 2.8 or earlier)

Manual WiFi relay setting: if camera A has intermittent connection to NVR, plug the repeater to somewhere in the route from NVR to camera A, then go to Camera Manage - WiFi Relay, add camera A behind repeater. When you do this setting, the camera A needs good connection to NVR so it receives commands from the NVR. That means, if camera A was having poor connection to the NVR, you better to take it down to complete settings and then mount back.


  • The Auto WiFi Relay is a dynamic scanning and changing feature. Sometimes it may take half an hour for them to build the connections. Please wait patiently. Before mounting your cameras, plug them to where you plan to mount them, let them on and work for hours to see if they work continuously.