xmartO Light Bulb Security Camera Wireless Outdoor with Dual-Lens 10X Zoom, AI Auto Tracking Pan/Tilt/Zoom, 24/7 Auto-Follow Monitor, Fits in E27 Light Socket


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Follow and Record Events Automatically

AI Auto Tracking & Return

The cameras automatically track people, pets and vehicles to make sure the NVR records everything. They automatically return to preset home points to keep viewing key areas after the trackings.

Easy Installation

Easy as Replacing a Bulb

No cable and no setup needed. You can simply replace some of your light bulbs, plug the NVR to a monitor or TV, and your surveillance is ready.

Zoom in 10X to See Details

Dual Lens - 10x hybrid zoom

With 3.6mm and 8mm dual HD lens, you can zoom in 10 times to see good details, even it's far away.

Flood Lights ON When Motion Detected

Color Night Vision

At night when motion detected, the cameras automatically turn on the flood lights and captures color night vision..

You can set the flood lights to stay on all night, or stay off and turn on Infrared LEDs.

Weather-resistance and Good Longevity

Works Indoor and Outdoor

Unlike most light bulb cameras, the XMARTO light bulb cameras are well built with IP65 weather resistance. You can mount the camera anywhere outdoor and indoor, without worrying about water soaking into cameras.

Easy Remote View from Anywhere Anytime

With the NVR connected to Internet with WiFi or Ethernet, you can view the cameras from anywhere anytime. The free Apps are available for iPhone, Android phones, iPad, Android tablets, PC, Mac and Alexa.

Apple Watch users can see real-time messages with snapshots from the watch.

Works with XMARTO WiFi NVRs

The camera works standalone, or can be paired to an existed XMARTO NVR. With a XMARTO NVR, you can view, record and manage up to 10 of XMARTO cameras simultaneously.

Easy Indoor and Outdoor Installation

Whether it's indoor or outdoor, you can do the installation easily.

Simply replace your light bulb to these cameras. The cameras will automatically connect to the NVR and start to monitor and record.

You may get E27 1-to-2 sockets to keep your original bulbs and add these cameras.

Dual Lens and 10X Zoom

With 2 sets of SoC, 2 sets of sensors & 2 sets of lens, the camera is a 3.6mm camera and a 8mm camera 2 in 1. With the 2 sets of hardwares and latest video tech., you get a 10X zoom camera.

The zoom is without any delay and does not need re-focus, the zoom is smooth as a hot knife through butter.

IP65 Weather-resistance for Outdoor and Longevity

With or without the protection your lampshade, the XMARTO light bulb camera works outdoor and indoor with the capability of standing elements.

Real-time MSG and Siren Alarm

When motion detected, the cameras push real-time messages to your phone.

1-tap on the phone to sound a siren alarm to ward unwanted visitor off without any confrontation.

Long Range WiFi Distance

XMARTO WiFi cameras with XMARTO WiFi NVR means long range WiFi performance.

In line of sight, the cameras work at a distance of up to 1300ft from the NVR.

With walls and WiFi interference reducing the WiFi distance, you can still mount the cameras a few hundreds feet away.

2-way Audio, Hear and Talk

The 2-way audio is universal for almost all XMARTO cameras.

With high-gain microphones and speakers in cameras, you can hear voice while viewing videos.

If necessary, you can talk through the camera's speaker from the phone App, even that you are traveling in Europe.