xmartO 2K HD Dome PTZ Wireless Security Camera with Auto Tracking and Audio, Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera Works standalone or with NVR, Record to SD Card, NVR or Cloud Storage

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WiFi PTZ Dome Camera for Home Surveillance

ptz security camera wireless

PTZ Rotation, Auto Tracking, Metal Dome, WiFi Camera (plug-in)

Know before you buy


  • WiFi: 2.4G only
  • Needs plug in for Power: 100-240V AC to DC 12V, plug to a nearby outlet. Power plug comes with 10ft cable, search "12V power extension cable" on Amazon for longer cables.




  • This is an XMARTO PTZ rotation Dome WiFi Security Camera. The dome camera is perfect for mounting on ceilings.
  • With Auto tracking, the camera automatically follows people when activities detected.
  • The camera has pan & tilt structure in the dome. Besides viewing and hearing from your phone/ PC/ Mac, you can navigate the camera to view 355° left to right, 90° up and down to cover the field it mounted.
  • Being weather-resistant, the camera can be mounted almost anywhere indoor & outdoor; perfect for home & business surveillance.


Auto Tracking

Auto Tracking

The security camera wireless features auto tracking technology. It automatically tracks movements and records activities.

The camera also features Auto Panoramic Cruise and Auto Presets Patrol. You can easily have the camera scan 360 degrees or patrol preset spots automatically.

Important How-to,

1.How to set guard view point for XMARTO PTZ cameras?

2. How to enable Auto-Tracking,


Multiple ways to use

Multiple ways to use

You can use this camera alone, group multiple cameras to use or add this camera to an existed xmartO NVR or xmartO systems.


ptz security camera wireless

Motion Detection Alerts with Snapshots

When motion detected, the camera captures a snapshot and send it to your phone. Tap to view the video if you find a photo is not enough.


ptz dome camera wireless

Enhanced Audio Pickup

With a high-gain microphone built-in, the camera helps you to view and record videos with clear voice.

ptz wifi security camera

Save to SD card or Cloud

Open the camera cover anti-clockwise, you can open the camera easily to insert an SD card for recording. You don't have to do that often, because video clips can be played and shared easily from the mobile App.

Cloud storage is optional for subscription in App.


wifi camera


Housed with solid metal case, the camera can be mounted almost anywhere indoor & out.


Ceiling or Wall Mount

Ceiling or Wall Mount

Given that integrated dome shape, the camera can be mounted on any ceiling and blend in well.

If you need to mount it on wall, a very inexpensive wall mount bracket is optional.


wireless security camera

WiFi or Ethernet Connection

The camera connects to your router/ NVR with WiFi, or with Ethernet cable. When your camera's mounting spot has weak WiFi signal and control is not smooth, you can choose to hard wire the camera for smooth operation.


wireless security camera system

Secure and Dual Storage Way


  • The wireless security camera supports up to 128GB SD card storage (not included) and 30-day free encrypted cloud storage.
  • With an SD card slot, the security camera can store all moments to cloud or local SD card when motion is detected.
  • You can choose one of them for recordings and playback.
Additional Information

With wall bracket