iOS 15 updates causing some XMARTO WiFi cameras failed WiFi connection

This is a question from a customer
  • Why I cannot connect the XMARTO camera to my WiFi, even I followed all steps?

    This should be caused by WiFi frequency or iOS new feature.

1. To ensure WiFi distance, the XMARTO WiFi cameras work on 2.4GHz WiFi. (5GHz has wider band-width, but worse wall penetration and WiFi distance.)

Nowadays, many WiFi routers combines 2.4G and 5G to a single WiFi hotspot. So when you follow the App steps to connect the camera to your only WiFi hotspot, it may try to connect to the 5G and failed to connect.

2. The WiFi setup steps require you to connect your phone to the camera's WiFi hotspot. The latest iOS version refuses to stay connected to the camera's WiFi, since it has no Internet access. In that situation, you cannot proceed to finish WiFi setup.

The solutions:

1. If you cannot finish setup wirelessly, please use the included LAN cable to connect the camera to your router, tap + device then simply Scan the LAN to add the camera to App. Then go to camera's Device setting to connect it to WiFi, then you can unplug cable.

2. You can also setup the camera wirelessly without using a cable, here is how,