WallPixel App latest 3.5 versions released with significant updates

Dear customers, 

The latest version of WallPixel App is now available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with version 3.5.7. 

The update from version 3.4 to 3.5 brings significant changes, which may take some time for you to get used to. 


The version 3.5 becomes stronger with below updates: 


1. App live view UI now loads options/ buttons according to the devices' actual capabilities. 

2. Much stronger video retrieve and playback capabilities, with new UI. 

3. WallPixel Cloud subscription is back with in-app Apple Pay (once limited by Apple for not supporting Apple Pay). 

4. Added - Account logout and in-app update check.

5. Optimized - device list UI. 

6. Redesigned live-view and playback UI. 

7. Redesigned device setting UI, function categories and annotations, to make the device setting more intuitive. 

8. Optimized - Me center UI. 

9. Adjusted scheduled/ time recording switch - when switched off, restore default record schedules.

10. Fixed bug - some NVR or Linkvisual devices not displaying PTZ control.

11. Fixed bug - some PTZ devices not displaying Auto cruise button.

12. Added - Smart detection time schedule. 

13. Added - NVR general settings and NVR updates from App. 

14. Optimized - relation of audio channel and iPhone silence switch. 

15. Added - vibration feedback for main interaction operations such as PTZ control. 

16. Added - screen brightness auto adjustment. 

17. Added - battery-powered cameras now supported by AP pairing mode, just like plug-in cameras. 

18. Adjusted App alert playback strategy - Cloud video priority if the device has Cloud plan, to ensure fluency.

19. Added - receive App alerts via email. This setting can be found in App - Me - Settings. 


Please contact support team via if you have any question.


Thank you!