Improve Compatibility - Version for XMARTO NVR WNQ28/ WNQ58-M

Dear customers, 

New version for XMARTO NVRs is now available. The update is available in OTA, of which you can upgrade in NVR's menu - System setting - System admin - System upgrade - Online upgrade


You can also download the firmware and do local upgrade with an USB drive.


What's new

1) The new version improves compatibility with old cameras.

Most of the current cameras have version 3.6 - 3.8. We do notice that many customers are still using their 2016 old 960p cameras with version 1.8 or even earlier; and they have plan to upgrade their 960p/ 1080p NVRs to latest 5MP NVRs to improve the performance. 

With version, we improved the latest NVR's compatibility with the old cameras.

Customers with old XMARTO cameras, please upgrade your WNQ28/ WNQ58 NVR to latest so your old cameras work with it. 

2) We added Restore All in the Factory reset part.

If you wish to fully reset your NVR and start over, you can Restore All settings. Restore All settings may cause losing connection with some cameras. You will need to pair those cameras to the NVR again. Please rethink before you Restore All settings. The Simple Restore shall be enough for most customers.  

3) We added WiFi reset in WiFi setting.

WiFi reset option helps you to reset your NVR's ESSID and password to factory setting. If you've once changed the ESSID information, this is how you reset it to factory setting. 

If you've changed the ESSID information, you may have trouble to pair some new cameras to the NVR.

If that happens, please use an Ethernet cable to pair the camera with wire.

If the new camera does not have an Ethernet port, you will need reset the NVR's WiFi, then Add Cam by WiFi.

Resetting the ESSID information will cause you losing connection with the currently-connected cameras. You will need to pair the current cameras to the NVR again. So please do not reset the ESSID if it's unnecessary.  

Thank you!