What if an XMARTO PTZ camera does not respond in real time

If your XMARTO PTZ camera is not responding in real time, typically it means your camera is not having strong WiFi connection with your router, or with the NVR.
To verify this, you can watch the camera while controlling from App.
You shall see the camera moves immediately on your control, but the live video is not feeding in real-time to your phone. 
In other words, the command execution is faster than video feed. 
Here are the tips to improve the performance
1. If you are using the camera via WiFi, mount the camera closer/ with less walls to your WiFi router/ NVR so it has at least 3-bar of WiFi to work smoothly.
2. If WiFi connection does not work good enough for you, please consider hardwiring the camera.
3. As the device giving commands and receive live video, your smart mobile device needs to have very good Internet connection, too. 
Thank you!