Bug fixed - WYS3084/ DY3034 Auto Track PTZ Camera Cannot Move Upwards

  • Why my camera points downward and I cannot move it upwards?

This happens to some cameras. With motion tracking on, the camera tracks movement and the gravity pulls it down bit by bit. However, the camera does not record that minor misplace since it's minor and it's formed gradually. That way, the camera mistakenly taking its current position as the top, so it refuses to move up.

  • How to resolve this?

From your phone or NVR, use the joystick to move the camera downward to the limit and keep holding downward arrow for 15 seconds. This helps the camera to calibrate. Then you shall be able to move the camera upward.

  • Do I have to do this often?

No. We are working on a new firmware. With the firmware update you will not need to do this again. Future inventory come with new firmware won't have that issue.


Update Jun 20, 2022

New version for DY3034/ WYS3084 camera is ready. Please download the camera firmware at,


and upgrade your camera version follow instructions,


The issue shall be resolved. 


Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your kind understanding!